KiTuHay – A Leading Platform to Get Special Characters

KiTuHay tells about its platform and how it helps users to generate special characters.

As per the IT expert Ly Tung Nam, Special characters are considered s characters that are not quite the same as those that incorporate numbers and letters as we ordinarily use. In like manner, excellent special characters will be made from various ways. The vast majority of the special characters will be available on the machine, either will be created by pressing the similar key combination distinctively or duplicating the latest unique character online right at KiTuHay.

KiTuHay is a special characters application specializing in generating game character names with symbols like Devil Faces, Apple Characters, and Spaces. Many users use this platform to create memorable characters for PUBG, Free Fire, TikTok, Lien Quan, Zalo, Facebook, and Instagram. To know the latest updates about the beautiful textures, one can visit KiTuHay.


KiTuHay is a famous website for special characters with over 45000 personalities published by Unicode. These characters work well with operating systems like mobile applications from ANDROID to IOS and Windows. If the person is an office worker, with KiTuHay, one can go for the existing Unicode characters utilized in documents, for example, Excel Word, for daily work. If the person is a Gamer, the user can use KiTuHay to develop a more unique and remarkable game character name than the exhausting regular characters.

It was tested for three months and formally launched on June 22, 2020, established by Khanh Hoa Informatics Association in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a personalization application on the online site platform to enable people to manipulate like copying characters, writing or combining characters simply.

The fundamental task of KiTuHay is to synthesize the most recent Unicode characters for Vietnamese users consistently. Users need to support every question related to Unicode characters and symbols delivered in the world. Its critical functions include Unicode special characters table; suggest good game character names; Application to generate game names with special characters, and synthesize good game names of famous characters.

KiTuHay is committed to providing a decent experience to users, game players with the help of characters that the company synthesizes, making contributions to the community. KiTuHay feels happy for the sharing, assistance, and encouragement from this community.

These special characters are plenty of players to choose from as it assists people with creating characters, battle game to be highly favorable. The latest complete list of special characters the user can get at this platform. The user just needs to choose an appropriate unique character as well as click on copy.
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About the Company: KiTuHay is an online special characters app. It has a whole new range of special characters for every game genre. The Unicode data source is appropriate for IOS, Android, several browsers, and operating systems to help the user have a simple experience.

Contact Info:
Organization: KiTuHay
Address: 81 Dai Dong, Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City
Phone: 0362.19.39.89

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